Open-level Alignment Yoga: This class is a slower paced flow, focusing on alignment and conscious movement. We will go through all genres of poses to explore our bodies fully and to work out any stress that is being stored. Each class will have a unique theme and sequence of poses, but all classes will focus on learning how to move with intention. When we move mindfully and learn to support ourselves properly, our bodies naturally open and soften. This is an open level class so anyone is welcome to attend, modifications will be given as needed for ability. 

Vinyasa: A dynamic, flowing class that integrates movement with breath and challenges students in a vigorous series of sun salutations, standing poses and heart-opening postures. Vinyasa will encourage students to deepen their practice in both strength and flexibility. This class is best suited for practitioners who feel confident and comfortable in an open levels class.

Sunday Ritual: Sunday Ritual is a time to connect with whatever is sacred for you. If you don't know just what that is, you can use this time to explore. Plug in, set intentions, or simply rediscover the blessing of moving your body. Class will start with a slow moving vinyasa to awaken stiff morning limbs, with a primary focus on the breath. Movement will be followed by a short kirtan, a celebratory practice of call and response mantra (no experience necessary!). Finally, we will have a short seated meditation to close the practice. Come just as you are. 

Yin Yoga: Characterized by the support of props and increased time in each pose, yin yoga encourages a practice deep in the soft and connective tissues. While actively participating in body/mind awareness, benefits of yin include enhanced circulation and opportunity for re-patterning the nervous system.

Drop-in: $18

New Student Special: $30/3 classes

10-class pass: $155